An Interview with Mr Saurabh Mehrotra London Sports, family, and Excellence

Each year as Father’s Day draws near, social media platforms flood with posts: some bemoaning how undervalued and thankless a father’s job is, others attempting (though not necessarily in vain) at shedding some much-needed light on a father’s role. These posts hail fathers as bread-winners, confidantes, best-friends, and protectors; yet, they fall short of provoking the emotive response which this topic justifies, for they fail to give this man who personifies many a lofty ideal, a human face. We, at …, aim to rectify precisely this in the present article. This Father’s Day, we interviewed Saurabh Mehrotra London father to an 18-year-old daughter and a 12-year-old son. The aim of our interview was not only to understand how an urban father, in modern times, perceives his role, but also to gauge the extent of the impact a father’s involvement has on the children’s development.

The interview revealed that Saurabh Mehrotra London who is based with his family in London, strongly believes that a father’s role is not limited, merely to providing for his family financially. Instead, he lives by the code, that nurturing kids, in the widest sense of the word, is a job for the parents to do together. He told us during the course of the interview, that he is of the view that each parent has something unique to offer their children. In his case, it was passion for sports, which he made sure to instill in both his children. Having himself been a state-level swimmer and rugby player, Saurabh Mehrotra has experienced first-hand the enormous benefits of practicing a sport. Team-spirit, sportsmanship, camaraderie, discipline, and enhancement of physical and mental health, are just few of the many reasons he gave for wanting to encourage his children to practice some sport. Further, we got to know through the interview that Saurabh mehrotra london,role in this regard, was and continues to be more than simply providing encouragement. Not only does he actively guide his children, but also provides daily support by driving them to and from their practice venues, which are often at great distances. A brief interview with the kids revealed that saurabh Mehrotra london consistent efforts have reaped more than ample results. His son, at the young age of 12 plays cricket for Surrey, and his daughter, has attained a double black-belt in Karate, a rare achievement for any age-bracket. Besides, and perhaps more to the point, both kids have developed a similar passion for sports, understanding in its entirety the great benefits it brings with it and grateful for the same.

Saurabh Mehrotra London we have a living and breathing example of how fathers, through their active involvement can transform and mould the lives of their kids for the better. Saurabh Mehrotra who is also a successful businessman, ensures to take out time for his kids and thus lives to see the gratifying results of the same. Modern fathers, like modern mothers, juggle numerous roles every day. They are part-chauffeur, part-guides, part-cooks, part-friends, part-motivational speakers, part-therapists, and WHOLLY AWESOME! So, a very happy Father’s Day to saurabh Mehrotra london and other fathers like him, who walk the tight rope of parenthood with such finesse that it appears to us from the outside to be but a cakewalk!